Prostate Cancer: Is the Cure Worse Than the Disease?

A study on prostate cancer patients, most of whom had problems having sex 15 years after being treated with surgery or radiation, underscores the importance for men to carefully weigh treatment options for early-stage disease, Dr. David Samadi, one of the nation’s top prostate cancer authorities, tells Newsmax Health. [Full Story]

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Can you please explain the dawn phenomenon, and how best to manage it?

English: Diagram shows insulin release from th...
English: Diagram shows insulin release from the Pancreas and how this lowers blood sugar leves. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Can you please explain the dawn phenomenon, and how best to manage it?

Q&A With Dr. Richard Bernstein

Mar 21, 2013
Dawn phenomenon is the situation where the liver removes insulin from the blood in the morning hours, which causes morning blood sugars to go up, even if breakfast is skipped.
Non-diabetics make insulin in little squirts about a minute apart. They make it whenever they need it and they make less of it if their blood sugar drops. What would happen if the insulin that they'd been making remains in the bloodstream when they don't need it? Their blood sugars would drop eventually to zero, and they'd be dead. Humanity would no longer exist. Humanity is still here so something else is happening. 

The liver clears insulin out of the bloodstream very rapidly. In fact, thanks to the liver, the half-life of insulin in the bloodstream is only about 6 minutes. The dawn phenomenon happens during the first few hours when you get up in the morning. It starts at about nine hours after you go to bed. The liver is working extra hard at clearing away insulin. This doesn't make any difference to non-diabetics. They're capable of tripling their insulin production, whereas a diabetic doesn't have this capacity and he's likely to experience an elevated blood sugar shortly after rising in the morning.
On top of that, if he exercises during those first three hours when the dawn phenomenon is acting, his blood sugar might go up instead of down when he exercises. For this reason, we give diabetics half as much carbohydrate at breakfast as at other meals. That's number one, so they won't have to take excessive amounts of insulin.  MORE>>>>>>>>>


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Flushing Away High Blood Sugar

Jan 17, 2011
Every time the heart beats, about 20 percent of the blood it pumps out goes to the kidneys to be cleaned. 

Most type 2 meds work by increasing insulin production in one way or another. The extra insulin lowers blood sugar by ushering it out of your bloodstream and into your cells, where it may, unfortunately, make you fat. Wouldn't it be nice if instead, you could lower your high blood sugar by just flushing it right down the toilet?

A couple of pharma companies are working on a therapy that may do just that. Their treatment, called an SGLT2 inhibitor, causes your extra blood sugar to flow harmlessly away in your urine. To understand how an SGLT2 (sodium glucose transporter 2) inhibitor works, you have to know a little about what the kidneys do.

Every time the heart beats, about 20 percent of the blood it pumps out goes to the kidneys to be cleaned. The blood ends up in a tuft of tiny blood vessels, called a glomerulus, which is surrounded by a cup-like sac, called a Bowman's capsule. Each kidney has a million or so of these little arrangements.

High blood pressure in the glomerulus forces all the small molecules in the blood right through the blood vessel walls and into the Bowman's capsule, where they begin their journey down a little tubule toward the bladder. This liquid filtrate contains not only waste products, which the body wants to get rid of, but also a lot of useful molecules, which the body doesn't want to lose. One of those useful molecules is glucose.  More>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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Why you could be living longer, but you're not

Years ago I used to build desktop PCs and made a beautiful unit for my husband. It ran well for a number of years, then unbeknownst to me developed a problem in the main CPR cooling fan. My husband started hearing a small noise but didn’t let me know. When the $5 fan quit, the CPU overheated and the whole computer stopped working, necessetating a complete rebuild. Had I detected the fan problem and electively replaced that cheap component, all would have been well for years more.

There is an implication in all this for the practice of medicine. In standard medicine, we wait till the body begins to fail in order to repair it – but then it is too late. If, during the years when things are running well, we look under the case at the guts of the computer or body, and see what components are starting to go bad, we can avoid or at least lessen later catastrophic failure.

Conventional Doctors Now Standing Against ADHD "Study Drugs"

Dees Illustration
Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

ADHD* is a way to describe a group of symptoms resulting from impaired uptake of dopamine to the pre-frontal cortex of the brain. How much of that is genetic or lifestyle is debatable. In 20 years, there has been a 20 percent increase in diagnoses.

But non-ADHD kids trying to make it through the rigors of study are increasingly given ADHD meds to give them a mental boost. A new report from the American Academy of Neurology declares that the increasing use of ADHD drugs - often termed 'study drugs' - on healthy kids is unjustifiable. Whether it be parent requests, doctors over-prescribing, young people taking them without prescriptions, or substance abuse. Their study abstract stated:
Neurodevelopmental issues include the importance of evolving personal authenticity during childhood and adolescence, the emergence of individual decision-making capacities, and the process of developing autonomy.
Just an observation: it seems that it is much, much easier for children and teens to be placed on narcotics like Ritalin and Adderall than it is for adults - why do you think that is?

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How Olive Oil Stops Alzheimer’s

Health researchers say they have cracked the mystery of how extra virgin olive oil can help reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease.
In a new report in the American Chemical Society journal ACS Chemical Neuroscience, the researchers said they have determined a key component of olive oil helps remove abnormal proteins tied to Alzheimer’s from the brain.
Amal Kaddoumi and colleagues said their research indicates a substance called oleocanthal appears to protect nerve cells from the kind of damage that typically occurs in Alzheimer’s patients.
Kaddoumi's team noted Alzheimer’s affects about 30 million people worldwide, but the prevalence is lower in Mediterranean countries. Scientists have suspected the high concentration of healthful monounsaturated fats in olive oil — consumed in large amounts in the Mediterranean diet — may be a factor, but had not determined precisely why or how.
ALERT: 5 Signs You’ll Get Alzheimer’s Disease

To solve the mystery, Kaddoumi's team studied the impact of oleocanthal on the accumulation of beta-amyloid proteins that clump together in the brains of  people with Alzheimer’s, causing memory loss and other mental declines.

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Is There Increased Risk for Preeclampsia in Moms with Autoimmune Disease?

pregnant african woman holding baby shoes
Is preeclampsia a higher risk in pregnancies of women who have autoimmune conditions? Why? Preeclampsia is a medical disorder of pregnancy occurring after the 20th week.  Women with preeclampsia have elevated blood pressure, protein in their urine, and usually increased swelling.  If preeclampsia is severe, it poses a real health risk to the health of
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You won't bee-lieve it! Could manuka honey beat drug-resistant superbugs?

Strong stuff: Manuka honey could fight drug-resistant superbugs
Strong stuff: Manuka honey could fight drug-resistant superbugs

It is a natural medicine used for thousands of years to clean wounds and fight bacteria.
Now, however, honey could hold the key to combating the very modern threat of drug-resistant superbugs.
A study has shown that manuka honey can fight back on two fronts. Not only can it help to kill MRSA and other superbugs, it can also prevent bacteria from becoming resistant to antibiotics.
The danger of the rise of bugs which do not succumb to drugs was outlined this month by the Chief Medical Officer.
Professor Dame Sally Davies described it as a ‘ticking timebomb’ which could leave millions vulnerable to untreatable germs within a generation.
But a study in Australia offers a solution. At the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), tests were carried out on manuka, kanuka and clover honeys to find which was best at treating bacteria commonly found in chronic skin wounds
Researchers looked at key ingredients known to inhibit bacterial growth.
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Grape Seed Extract May Beat Chemo in Late-Stage Cancer

Heidi Stevenson
Activist Post

The benefits of grape seed extract in cancer are well documented, but modern medicine won't do anything with it until the mechanism of action has been found, so that it can be isolated, purified, made poisonous and owned by a single company for enormous profits.

The more advanced cancer is, the less effective chemotherapy is. However, a new study has shown that grape seed extract has exactly the opposite quality: The more advanced the cancer, the less extract that's needed to kill it. On top of that, the study also shows that grape seed extract targets the cancer cells that become most resistant to chemotherapy.

In the face of this remarkable new development, it's likely that grape seed extract is more effective in treating late-stage cancer than modern medicine's chemotherapy. Not only does it take less and less of the substance to kill cancer cells, it's able to target the cells that have become drug resistant, thus making chemo useless!

Yet again, the common misperception that modern medicine's treatments are stronger or more potent or better in any way is shown to be mistaken. Sadly, it's a mistake that can kill.

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