All About Candida and an at Home Test to See if You are Struggling With it


What is Candida Albicans?

From Dr. Mercola

Candidiasis: Don’t Let This Yeast Infection Wreck Your Health!

There’s a hidden battle that many people today don’t know they’re fighting – and it’s occurring right inside their body.

Fatigue and low energy. Depression and anxiety. Digestive issues, skin irritation, migraines, and headaches. Difficulty losing weight.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

If they do, then watch out – you might be dealing with Candidiasis.

Unfortunately, there’s lot of misinformation is circulating on the Internet about Candida, which is why many people end up confused about their condition or fail to treat it altogether. 

What Is Candida?

The truth is everyone has Candida in their body.

This yeast-like fungus lives in your mucous membranes and, benignly, in your gut and intestinal tract. It thrives in warm, moist areas of your skin, such as your armpits, groin, and in women’s vagina (the folds of the vulva).

Candida is a normal part of your natural microflora. In fact, oral swabs in 40 to 75 percent of healthy adults will test positive for C. albicans, and up to 25 percent of women will be positive for C. albicans in their healthy vaginas without any sign of infection or overgrowth.

However, once there’s an overgrowth of candida in your body, then your risk of getting candidiasis increases – and this is when your health is put in jeopardy. (SOURCE)

Here is what Dr. Eric Berg has to say about it as well:

Here is the "Spit Test" you can do at home for free

Candida Saliva Test

When you awake in the morning, before you put anything into your mouth, work up some saliva and spit it into a clear glass of water. Within 1-3 minutes, look in the glass. If there are strings coming down from your saliva, or if the water turned cloudy, or if your saliva has sunken to the bottom, YOU MAY HAVE A CANDIDA CONCERN! Healthy saliva will simply float on the top! (You may want to put out a glass of water in the bathroom or on the nightstand the night before you wish to do the home Candida Saliva test, just to remind yourself not to brush your teeth prior to spitting into the glass.)

Saliva Candida test Illustration

Dr. Mercola continues to say: There are many common health conditions that are actually connected to – and exacerbated by – Candida overgrowth in your gut, such as:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Depression and/or anxiety
  • Fibromyalgia and arthritis
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Myocarditis
  • PMS
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Cancer, and more

Here’s another alarming fact: if you have been exercising and following my healthy eating guidelines, yet still struggling with your weight, then chances are Candidiasis may be to blame. It’s actually quite possible that with some people, an inability to lose weight is their ONLY symptom of Candidiasis.

Dr. Berg expounds on the different types of Candida and how to handle them. One of the biggest offenses that leaves us in a compromised state are ANTIBIOTICS, watch the video for more.


In summary, hopefully this helps you see the importance of getting a handle on any Candida issues as they are detrimental to our health. Focusing on fasting again...there are so many benefits to doing it and this is yet one more piece on our health page that recommends doing so. We will cover fasting more in depth on another day here on The Plain Truth, but God does have one mandated fast day in the Bible...God's people are commanded on the Day of Atonement in Leviticus 23:27-32, and you can read more about this from our main site, here. 

God instructs us to obey His commands. 


The Plain Truth is that God loves us. (John 14:21) He wants the best for us. He wants to bless us and make our food amazing (Isaiah 1:19) and heal our land (2Chron 7:14) and take our sickness away (Exodus 23:25) and set us high above all the nations of the earth! (Deut 28:1)

Why would we not want to respond out of obedience to God? 

God wants the best for His Family, for us, for we are His children! Why would we not want to choose obedience as this is the loving response and one that will continue to move us all in the right direction. God has said, “If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land".  2Chron 7:14

Cancers erupting in ways ‘never before seen’ following COVID shots


Dr. Harvey Risch suspects patients’ immune systems compromised

Bob UnruhBy Bob Unruh

(Image courtesy Pixabay)

Another possible side effect of those COVID-19 shots demanded for Americans by many governments and employers during the pandemic has shown up, and it’s not good.

It’s that cancers are “occurring in excess,” Dr. Harvey Risch explained in a report by the Epoch Times.He’s professor emeritus of epidemiology in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine.

He appeared recently on EpochTV’s “American Though Leaders” and explained that clinicians have been observing “very strange things.”

For example, he said, there have been “25-year-olds with colon cancer, who don’t have family histories of the disease – that’s basically impossible along the known paradigm for h

But that’s changed, and he observed, “There has to be some initiating stimulus to why this happens.”

The physician described cancer as something a healthy human body can fight with ordinary immunity.

But if that system is compromised, cancer can advance.

ow colon cancer works…”

And there are other “latency” cancers being seen.

He explained cancers usually take time to develop, from two years to 30 years.


New York sees a surge in tuberculosis cases amid migrant influx and Covid fatigue


New York City is recording a ‘dramatic’ rise in tuberculosis cases, reports suggest — fueling fears the disease could resurge in the US. 

Preliminary data shows 500 cases of tuberculosis (TB) have been diagnosed in the city so far this year — marking a 20 percent increase from this time last year.

Infections are also at their highest level in the city for this time of year in more than a decade, raising concerns the disease could spill into other areas of the country.

Some health officials say the surge is being driven by fatigue following the Covid pandemic — with some people avoiding clinics and treatments — and cuts to funding — with the only TB clinic in Manhattan recently shuttered.

There are also fears the migrant crisis in New York City, which has seen more than 100,000 migrants arriving in the city since spring, could be driving the infection rates because this group is at a heightened risk of infection due to cramped housing conditions.

The above graph shows TB cases in New York City by year. Data suggests TB infections are already about 20 percent higher this year compared to the same time last year

The above graph shows TB cases in New York City by year. Data suggests TB infections are already about 20 percent higher this year compared to the same time last year

Preliminary 2022 data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention out Thursday shows that TB disease cases increased 5 percent in 2022 to 8,300 cases

Preliminary 2022 data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention out Thursday shows that TB disease cases increased 5 percent in 2022 to 8,300 cases

TB was once one of the deadliest infections in the world and a death sentence for half of those it infected.

But with the arrival of vaccines — up to 80 percent effective against severe disease — and other treatments, the fatality rate has now dropped below four percent in developed countries.

Patients catch the disease by breathing in droplets laced with the bacteria, with infections beginning as coughing up phlegm or blood and a persistent cough that doesn’t ease within three weeks.

The US stopped routinely giving out the TB vaccine — called Bacillus Calmetter-Guerin — in the 1970s after cases and deaths nosedived in the country. 

But the vaccine may still be offered to patients and healthcare workers who have had close contact with a TB patient.

People exposed to TB patients will also be monitored and offered drugs to curb the infection. 

Doctors treat TB via administering a cocktail of drugs over the course of eight months to eliminate the bacteria.

Previously infected or exposed people, however, face the risk of ‘latent’ infections, when the bacteria remains dormant in the lungs ready to emerge should the immune system weaken again.

Responding to the rising TB cases in New York, Elizabeth Lovinger from the advocacy group Treatment Action Group, told Politico: ‘This is definitely a more dramatic resurgence than we would have probably expected.

‘When there are particularly high spikes in TB and other infectious diseases in New York City, that tends to be kind of a bellwether for the rest of the country.’

Across the US, TB cases are rising after falling in 2020 — likely because of a reduction in testing as most stayed home during the Covid pandemic.

There were 8,300 cases detected in 2022 and nearly 9,000 in 2019.

Before the pandemic, TB cases were steadily declining after dropping below 20,000 per year in 1997 and below 10,000 in 2012.

In New York City, the rise is likely worsened by the closure of one of the four clinics dedicated to TB handling patients — and the only one in Manhattan.

The TB clinic in Washington Heights was shifted to handling Covid patients during the pandemic and was later shuttered. Local Health officials insist there are still plans to renovate or reopen the clinic.

The reduction in capacity means patients with active infections now have to wait two to three days for treatment, raising the risk they infect others.

There are also concerns that TB could get into already cramped and overcrowded migrant centers in the city and quickly cause a wave of infections.

A spokesman for the New York City Department of Health insisted the city was still a ‘leader in TB care’.

He said: ‘We have pioneered treatments and therapies in New York City.

‘We also launched a new latent tuberculosis infection provider outreach campaign to increase screening, diagnosis and treatment among at-risk New Yorkers.

‘Additionally, we have a contract with a local provider that is worth up to $500,000 to ensure that New Yorkers receive care and that we have additional capacity in place should anyone need services.’


Eat Your mRNA Vegetables ~ Transgenic Edible Vaccines EXPOSED


HORRIFYING: Rep. Thomas Massie Exposes Taxpayer-Funded “Transgenic Edible Vaccines” Which Turns Edible Plants Like Lettuce and Spinach Into mRNA Vaccine Factories to Replace mRNA Shots (VIDEO)

Heart Attacks - Women vs Men and More

 This is an interesting piece by the DailyMail however in the light of all of this info, it has been said by leading thyroid doctors that the main cause of heart attacks in women is a low thyroid. This being largely due to mainstream practices that refuse to properly treat a woman with a high enough level of thyroid hormones.

The symptoms of a cardiac arrest are different between men and women, experts warn.

A study of more than 1,672 found that for women, the most prominent symptom of an impending cardiac arrest is shortness of breath, whereas for men, it is chest pain.

Both men and women also had palpitations, seizure-like activity and flu-like symptoms.

The fatal complication - which sees the heart suddenly stop beating and deny the rest of the body oxygen-rich blood - causes around 450,000 deaths a year in the US.

Dr Sumeet Chugh from Cedars-Sinai in California hopes her findings will lead people to quickly identify signs of a cardiac arrest and take swift action. 

Approximately 90 percent of people who experience a sudden cardiac arrest at home die from it.

However, more of a distinction in symptoms among the sexes could help first responders spot the loss of heart function in male and female patients more quickly.

Dr Chugh said: 'Harnessing warning symptoms to perform effective triage for those who need to make a 911 call could lead to early intervention and prevention of imminent death.'Our findings could lead to a new paradigm for prevention of sudden cardiac death.'

For this study, the researchers used two pre-existing and ongoing studies based in California and Oregon, each designed by Dr Chugh.

The data had been collected from emergency medical services reports for people aged 18 to 85 years old who had suffered cardiac arrest witnessed by someone else between February 2015 and January 2021. 

The California study showed 50 percent of the 823 people had at least one telltale symptom a day prior. The Oregon study showed similar results.

In the latest study, scientists evaluated the prevalence of individual and sets of symptoms before sudden cardiac arrest and compared those findings to control groups that also sought emergency medical care with symptoms that later turned out to be something else.

They found in women, difficulty breathing was the only early warning sign that was significantly linked to cardiac arrest.

For men, chest pain, difficulty breathing and excessive sweating were all linked to cardiac arrest.

Cardiac arrest occurs when the heart suddenly stops beating and denies the rest of the body oxygen-rich blood, shutting off the supply to the brain and causing someone to lose consciousness.

When blood stops flowing to the brain, lungs and other vital organs, their function is greatly diminished, and key body processes needed to keep a person alive are halted.

Brain cells can die within minutes of being deprived of oxygen. 

Most cardiac arrests occur when a diseased heart's electrical system malfunctions.

More than 356,000 cardiac arrests occur outside of hospitals per year in the US.

Cardiac arrests differ from heart attacks, which occur when the blood supply to the heart muscle is cut off due to a clot in one of the coronary arteries.

Common causes of cardiac arrest include heart attacks, heart disease and heart muscle inflammation.

Drug overdoses and a large loss of blood can also be a cause.

Administering an electric shock to the chest wall via a defibrillator can start the heart again. 

The shock allows the cells in the heart to recharge, which reestablishes the heart's rhythm.

If a defibrillator is not immediately available, CPR can keep oxygen continue to circulate throughout the body.


I will always share what Dr. Berg has to say because his research is most often excellent. 

Here is his video on the Hidden Source of Heart Attacks

Plantar Fasciitis Real Remedies for the Pain

By Jennifer Rae Vliet 

Take it from me, there is nothing like foot pain. It is almost like it tells your brain, that's it, you are in a terrible state of health, and no one really understands how truly debilitating this type of pain can be. Weight can play a factor but do not be fooled, this happens to the slender and athletic and those of us that just have to stand a lot for our jobs or hobbies. Foot pain can also mean you have a fatty liver, or that your liver is due for a scrubbing and some hefty support. 

Here are some potential scenarios to consider and how to begin the healing process that can get you back to feeling pain free and vibrant again. 

What is it?
Plantar fasciitis is an all-too-common cause of heel, and overall foot pain. It involves inflammation of the thick band of fascia that attaches from the toes to the heel bone called the Plantar Fascia. It is that tight painful experience of walking after a night of sleep, having to hobble for a minute once getting out of the car after a long drive, or when standing for any length of time when acute inflammation is present. The nerves are just on overload at this point, basically, yet some liken it to feeling as though their feet are broken. 

The Liver Connection to Our Tootsies

Pain and numbness or a burning on the bottom of the feet can be the symptom of insulin resistance, this is stemming from the liver.  So, make sure you do everything you can to focus on making your liver as healthy as possible and find out if that is in fact the real cause of your foot pain. A fatty liver is what this is referred to, btw. Gout symptoms as well will get much better from focusing on the liver as that ultimately will affect the kidneys. Here is a great video from Dr. Berg on the overall issues your feet can experience from a compromised liver. Your liver is the hub of your health, and it is wise to always take steps to support the liver with supplementation.

Oxalate crystals, micro traumas, uric acid, can all contribute to the inflammation of your feet while you are dealing with a Plantar Fasciitis diagnosis. You can have heel spurs or not, but one of the biggest mistakes we are told by doctors is to stretch the calf or the fascia on the bottom of your feet. This can cause more damage, more pain, and a delayed healing. 

Dr. Berg suggests avoiding foods high in oxalates like spinach, chocolate, peanuts, kiwi's, etc., and having a little bit of cheese or calcium if you do ingest that list above as it will lower the oxalate irritation to the bottom. Vitamin D (20,000 iu's a day) and Stinging Nettle are great anti-inflammatory supplements to take. 

Stretching and How to Achieve Immediate Relief

This won't sit well with podiatrists and most online searches will lead you to chiropractors that mean well, but they are actually causing more problems than good when it comes to recommended stretches. 

As Dr. Berg demonstrates in the video below and claims it is the easiest way to fix plantar fasciitis, he has you stretch your foot in the opposite direction and shin, you actually stretch pressing your toes down, avoiding the calf as he says the worst thing you can do is stretch the calf or massage the foot because you are tearing even more and causing more scar tissue to be cultivated. By stretching the top of the foot and the front part of the leg, you are creating a scenario where you start to relax the foot entirely, especially the bottom. This can take up to 2 weeks to fully heal, doing this a few times a day he claims...and the comments section is pretty telling of how quickly people are starting to feel a relief from their discomfort within two minutes of doing these stretches. Many people claim they have suffered with Plantar fasciitis for years and this has been the remedy. 

Excellent Taping the Foot for Relief While Healing from Plantar Fasciitis

There are arch and foot sleeves that can mimic the taping in the video, but this is a great way to help yourself. You can find a great version of KT Tape that is 5 dollars here and you can fortify your kinesiology taping with this athletic tape here.



Think Alternatively

I like to think of it like this, pray and rest, be gentle and good to yourself embracing positivity whilst being mindful that your body is telling you something and it is a fine time to listen. There is great value in trying alternate ways to healing. With the feet, what we have learned in this short piece (and by watching the videos in full) is to cut out the sugar, fasting can ease the load on the liver, remove oxalates from the diet, take in liver supporting supplements and foods, and alternate ways can possibly help you avoid more injury, more pain, needless steroids and liver and kidney damaging anti-inflammatory medications. 

Proverbs 16:24 – Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.

If this information helps anyone, or does not, please leave your experiences in the comments section. 

More Eye Drops Recalled

More eyedrops potentially contaminated with deadly germs are being recalled by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Dr Berne’s Whole Health Products is issuing a voluntary recall of several eye products because bacteria and fungi were detected.

The recall applies to all lots of MSM 5% Solution Eye Drops, MSM 15% Solution Eye Drops, Castor Oil Eye Drops and MSM MIST Drops 5% Solution.

An analysis by the FDA found one lot of the 5% solution failed a sterility test, with both bacterial and fungal samples detected. However, Dr Berne's is recalling multiple products 'out of an abundance of caution'. 

The products are used as lubricating eye drops and all recalled drops were available for purchase nationwide via Dr Berne's online store. The FDA said there had been two 'adverse events' reported to the agency, but did not specify what they were. 

This recall comes after several others were issued earlier this year after at least one person died and 68 were blinded from using other eye products. 

An analysis by the FDA found one lot of the 5% solution failed a sterility test, with both bacterial and fungal samples detected. However, Dr Berne's is recalling multiple products 'out of an abundance of caution'. 

The products are used as lubricating eye drops and all recalled drops were available for purchase nationwide via Dr Berne's online store. The FDA said there had been two 'adverse events' reported to the agency, but did not specify what they were. 

This recall comes after several others were issued earlier this year after at least one person died and 68 were blinded from using other eye products. 

Dr Berne's is notifying its distributors and customers nationwide via email and arranging for the return of and refund for the products. 

Customers with the products should immediately stop using them. 

The FDA states 'using contaminated eye drops could result in minor to serious vision-threatening infection, which could possibly progress to a life-threatening infection'. 

Eye products can become contaminated with various substances during the manufacturing process when sterile procedures are not followed. 

Contaminants can include germs or even objects, such as rocks or bugs. 

The Dr Berne's products are not the first eye products to be recalled this year in the US. In March, artificial tear drops manufactured by EzriCare were found to be contaminated with P. aeruginosa, a deadly bacteria usually found in hospitals. 

In February, Delsam Pharma Artificial Eye Ointment was recalled because of possible 'microbial contamination'.

Additional eye drops recalled this year include Brimonidine Tartrate Ophthalmic Solution and Purely Soothing 15% MSM Drops because of possible 'non-sterility'.

In total, 68 cases of blindness and at least one fatality were reported due to contaminated eye drops in the US.  

Dr. Berne's Whole Health Products was founded by Dr Sam Berne, a private practice physician in New Mexico. 

The company's website states he has been practicing for more than 25 years with 'patients to improve their vision and overall wellness through holistic methods'.

The website claims Dr Berne's 'whole health protocols improve vision and wellness by healing the mind-body-spirit through nutritional protocols, vision therapy, and self-care techniques'. 

At the bottom of the website is the disclaimer: 'These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease'. 

The FDA issued a statement earlier this month about Dr Berne's products, warning customers not to purchase and immediately stop using MSM Drops 5% Solution and LightEyez MSM Eye Drops – Eye Repair due to bacterial and fungal contamination. 

'FDA recommends consumers properly discard these products as FDA describes. Using contaminated eye drops could result in minor to serious vision-threatening infection which could possibly progress to a life-threatening infection', the FDA said on Aug. 22.

At that time, it was not aware of any adverse event reports associated with use of the products and advised users to seek medical care if they showed signs or symptoms of an eye infection. 

The FDA added the products contain methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) as an active ingredient and were unapproved and being illegally marketed in the US. 

There are no legally marketed ophthalmic drugs that contain MSM as an active ingredient.

Methylsulfonylmethane is a chemical that occurs naturally in humans. It is a potent anti-inflammatory sometimes used to treat osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The long-term side effects of the chemical have not been studied and common side effects reported include nausea, diarrhea and headaches. 

Now PAPER straws are cancelled! Shocker! They're highly toxic?

 The left's religion of worshiping 'Mother Earth' is all about punishment, illness, and death.

Scientists say 'eco-friendly' utensils contain potentially toxic chemicals - and are just as bad for the environment as plastic versions

In the first analysis of its kind in Europe, Belgian researchers tested 39 brands of straws for the group of synthetic chemicals known as poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

PFAS were found in the majority of the straws tested and were most common in those made from paper and bamboo.

The synthetic chemicals are used to make everyday products, from outdoor clothing to non-stick pans, resistant to water, heat and stains.

They are, however, potentially harmful to people, wildlife and the environment.

The substances break down very slowly over time and can persist over thousands of years in the environment, a property that has led to them being known as 'forever chemicals.'

They have been linked to a number of health problems including lower response to vaccines, lower birth weight, thyroid disease, increased cholesterol levels, liver damage, kidney cancer and testicular cancer.

The research team purchased 39 different brands of drinking straw made from five materials – paper, bamboo, glass, stainless steel and plastic.

The straws, which were mainly bought from shops, supermarkets and fast-food restaurants, then underwent two rounds of testing for PFAS.

Analysis revealed the majority of the brands – 69 per cent - contained PFAS, with 18 different PFAS detected in total. 

Paper straws were most likely to contain the synthetic chemicals.

The most commonly found PFAS, perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), has been banned globally since 2020.

Also detected were trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) and trifluoromethanesulfonic acid (TFMS) - 'ultra-short chain' PFAS which are highly water soluble and so might leach out of straws into drinks.

The PFAS concentrations were low and – since most people tend to only use straws occasionally - pose a limited risk to human health. However, PFAS can remain in the body for many years and concentrations can build up over time.

The authors advised people use stainless steel straws, or avoid using straws at all.

'Straws made from plant-based materials, such as paper and bamboo, are often advertised as being more sustainable and eco-friendly than those made from plastic,' said researcher Dr Thimo Groffen, an environmental scientist at the University of Antwerp, who was involved in the study.

'However, the presence of PFAS in these straws means that's not necessarily true.

'Small amounts of PFAS, while not harmful in themselves, can add to the chemical load already present in the body.