Acid Reflux? Eat an Apple!

By Bob Barney:
I like many people have acid reflux. Being overweight and eating too much food at one time are major triggers for the disease to occur. However, I think that like many other ailments that affect us, genetics probably also plays a role, as well as the modern "factory" foods that we consume. I read some tips on stopping the pain of acid reflux and want to share them. Try them, and let me know how you make out.

An Apple a day?
We have all heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. That may be true, as apples seems to be one of God's most nutritious foods one can consume. However, after meals or even after the first signs of acid reflex- eat an apple! There are a lot of over-the-counter and prescription options available for treatment of acid reflux, but apples are easy to find, incredibly inexpensive, and for some individuals---an easy fix. Acid reflux generally produces a burning sensation in the individual's upper abdomen, chest and/or throat areas. At one time, this condition was called acid indigestion. Apples work because they help neutralize the stomach acids, which in turn, help strengthen the LES valve. (Read more: Acid-Reflux Cure Using Apples | eHow.com

Curing acid reflux with apples is simple. Just eat one-to-two apples a day. Try eating apple slices before going to bed and in-between meals. That being said, the old-time saying, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away," is starting to sound more valid for many individuals experiencing acid reflux. You can also try adding apple slices or pieces to unflavored yogurt. Yogurt also naturally fights acid reflux. Eating this mixture once or twice a day should produce results in just a few days. Many individuals find that eating the mixture with
dinner is particularly beneficial.
According to Dr. Brian Fennerty, who is a gastroenterologist, stick with organic apples, as they tend to be more easily digested.

Apple Cider too?
Apple cider vinegar can also be extremely helpful when it comes to fighting acid reflux. It's sort of like fighting a hangover with "hair of the dog." In other words, using acid to fight acid. Some individuals find that drinking two teaspoons of organic apple cider vinegar three times a day is very helpful with acid reflux. Other tips to remember include watching and maintaining a healthy weight and eating smaller meals. Make sure your final meal is at least three or more hours before bed. Avoid lying down after a meal or eating. Raising the head of your bed may also be beneficial if you experience acid reflux during sleep. This can be accomplished by placing wooden or cement blocks under the feet of the head of your bed. You can also raise the head of your bed by inserting a foam wedge between the mattress and the box spring in order to elevate your body during sleep from the waist up.

Other remedies:
Ginger also helps with acid reflux, and stewing ginger to make a tea works great just before bedtime. Chewing gun (with Xylitol) during the day works wonder in aiding digestion. Most do not understand that digestion is a process where enzymes and bacteria in your body, along with your own "stomach juices" breaks down food into a form of energy that your body can use to fuel itself. These juices, enzymes and bacteria are not only found in the stomach, but much are produced in your mouth! Chewing food slowly, or chewing gum, produces enzyme rich saliva that aides you stomach and makes it work a lot less refining your food into energy!

Why Organic?
Have you ever cut an apple and watched it turn brown? We all have! That natural process is a foe to the food industry! People don't want to eat what looks to be rotten apples! People cut apples, serve them and within minutes they are brown, un-appealing and thrown away. Food companies have spent a fortune to stop this from happening. From genetically modified apples, to radiation and other ways to stop the process. The reason why the browning occurs is that the apple supplies it's own unique enzyme to help your body turn it into fuel! Without this enzyme (which you do not produce) the apple can't be digested! Eating such apples are no better for you than eating a Big Mac! Organic apples (or for that matter any apple that turns brown within minutes) are what you must consume to fix acid reflux. So eat apples and foods in general as close to the state God made them for the best results.

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