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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Snoring: Early Sign of Cardio Risk

Day 37 - Snoring Cures
Day 37 - Snoring Cures (Photo credit: Nick J Adams)
Snoring is more than just an irritating sleep disorder. New research has found snoring can put you at a greater risk for cardiovascular problems than being overweight, smoking, or having high cholesterol.

Medical investigators at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit have determined snorers are more likely to have thickening or abnormalities in their carotid arteries — the two large blood vessels that supply oxygen to the brain — which are precursors to atherosclerosis, a hardening of the arteries that leads to many cardiovascular diseases.
"Snoring is more than a bedtime annoyance and it shouldn't be ignored,” said lead researcher Robert Deeb, M.D., with the Department of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery at Henry Ford. “Patients need to seek treatment in the same way they would if they had sleep apnea, high blood pressure, or other risk factors for cardiovascular disease.”
Dr. Deeb said the new study adds to the growing body of evidence suggesting that snoring is not be benign as many believe.

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