Italy and Switzerland Ban Novartis Flu Vaccines

Lisa Garber
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Amid political controversy, the Italian government took the highroad last week by suspending sales of flu vaccines when their quality and safety were called into question.

Novartis AG (NOVN) told Italian and Swiss authorities that their products were safe, although the shots did contain particle buildup. Citing Novartis’ failure to provide adequate information for the safe sale of the shots, however, the Italian Health Ministry has banned the 488,000 doses in question.

Swiss drug regulator Swissmedic followed Italy’s example and halted distribution of the vaccines just in case. Novartis is based in Basel, Switzerland.

No illnesses have been reported—a far different outcome than the fungus-contaminated steroids spreading meningitis across the United States.

Delayed Notification to Authorities

Autism Linked to High-Fructose Corn Syrup

Public relations of high-fructose corn syrup
Public relations of high-fructose corn syrup (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Anna Hunt, Contributing Writer
Waking Times
A recent study published in the journal Clinical Epigenetics reveals that high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which is a highly-processed chemical sweetener used in many processed foods and beverages, has been identified as a major factor in the rise of autism in the United States.
The rise of autism spectrum disorders in the United States has been staggering.
“The number of children ages 6 to 21 in the United States receiving special education services under the autism disability category increased 91% between 2005 to 2010 while the number of children receiving special education services overall declined by 5%.” – Dufault et al. Clinical Epigenetics, 2012
The ingestion of heavy metals, such as mercury (Hg), into the body is having a profound effect on the neurodevelopment of children. HFCS is not only exposing children’s bodies to mercury, but it is also responsible for inhibiting the elimination of toxins and heavy metals due to how it depletes the body of the natural mineral zinc.
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Monsanto tries to criminalize saving seeds, drags farmer into court

Roundup (herbicide)
Roundup (herbicide) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
(NaturalNews) As if its costly genetic tampering with the whole natural world weren't brazen enough, Monsanto continues to bully and intimidate farmers across the United States, hoping this time to push its agenda through the highest court in the justice system.

The Supreme Court agreed last week to hear an appeal regarding Monsanto's case against Knox County, Indiana soybean farmer Vernon Hugh Bowman. Monsanto has pursued a lawsuit against the 74-year-old claiming Bowman made unauthorized use of its patent-protected Roundup Ready seeds. Bowman reportedly purchased additional, cheaper seed from a local grain elevator and used it to plant a late-season crop. He repeated this activity over a period of eight years beginning in 1999, continually saving and planting the new seeds generated by the commodity elevator crop.
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Top Survival Items At The Supermarket Besides Food

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Previously we have written about the best survival foods found at your local grocery store. But food is not the only thing in supermarkets that can be useful for surviving potential crises. In fact, since large supermarkets have a huge selection besides food, they can provide most survival essentials outside of tools and weapons.

Here are just some of the important survival items to buy in bulk while grocery shopping.  Please add any items we missed into the comment section below.

First Aid Kit: Most grocery stores these days will have pre-made first aid kits which are usually worth buying because they're easy to store and have diverse items.  However, picking up extra bandages, antibiotic creams, band aids, bug spray, aloe, and other items will be helpful.

Medicine: If you have prescriptions, it's best to have at least one month's worth on hand. Over-the-counter items like Ibuprofen or Tylenol, Benadryl and others are also wise to stock up on.

Vitamins: If you're in a deep survival situation, the selection of food will likely be less nutritious than you require. Therefore, to stave off illnesses and infections, having a good supply of multivitamins will come in real handy.

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Brisk Walk Can Reduce Stroke, Heart Attacks Risks, and Extend Life

Elizabeth Renter
Activist Post

When you walk, do you stroll, or do you march like you’re on a mission. Researchers have found that how fast you walk may play a role in reducing your risk of stroke and heart disease—urging people to get out and walk some every day, but to do it quickly.

Scientists with the British Heart Foundation found that those people who walk briskly or even jog have a significantly lower risk of heart disease including stroke. This is when they were compared with those who walked more slowly or who lived sedentary lives.

The findings shouldn’t come as a surprise—the harder you work a muscle, the stronger it becomes.

Just like you would want to lift dumbbells instead of paperclips to strengthen your biceps, your heart needs a challenge to stay strong and healthy. A brisk walk or jog causes your heart to work harder, beating faster to keep oxygenated blood flowing through the body. And this makes for a healthier you.

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Study: Eating Beans Helps Diabetics

Diabetics can see an improvement in both their blood sugar levels and blood pressure if they add beans and other legumes to their diet, Canadian researchers report. 

Chickpeas, lentils and beans are rich in protein and fiber, and these may improve heart health. Because they are low on the glycemic index, a measure of sugar in foods, they may also help control diabetes, the researchers explained. 

"Legumes, which we always thought were good for the heart, actually are good for the heart in ways we didn't expect," said lead researcher Dr. David Jenkins, the Canada Research Chair in Nutrition and Metabolism at the University of Toronto. 

Among Type 2 diabetics, "not only did their glucose control become better, but -- and this surprised us -- it had a significant effect on blood pressure," he said.

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Berries Help Prevent Mental Decline

Berries (φρούτα του δάσους)
Berries (Photo credit: aspros)
A new scientific review suggests that a few berries a day can help keep mental decline and other age-related illnesses at bay. 

In an article published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, scientists concluded that eating berries like strawberries, blueberries and blackberries can help maintain a sharp memory and prevent the onset of mental decline due to their high levels of antioxidants which help protect cells from harmful free radicals. 

The study was released by the American Chemical Society.

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Important: At Risk For A Heart Attack? Find Out Now.
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Research: Pomegranate May Reverse Blocked Arteries

Sayer Ji, Contributor
Activist Post

While technically a berry, pomegranate "fruit" may be nature's answer to turning the tide against the #1 cause of death in the industrialized world: heart disease. Let's start with what it tells us simply through experiencing it...

Pomegranate has a remarkable astringency, giving your mouth and gums that dry, puckering mouth feel. This cleansing sensation is technically caused, as with all astringents, by shrinking and disinfecting your mucous membranes.

Anyone who drinks pomegranate juice, or is lucky enough to eat one fresh, can understand why it is so effective at cleansing the circulatory system. Nature certainly planted enough poetic visual clues there for us: its juice looks like blood, and it does resemble a multi-chambered heart, at least when you consider its appearance in comparison to most other fruits.

But sometimes the obvious (in appearance and effect) is not compelling enough – certainly not for the hyper-rational, "evidence-based" folks in positions of medical and regulatory power today – so we have science to lend additional support and credibility, and perhaps even keep some of us from being fined or going to jail for stating the obvious, e.g. "This juice may be beneficial to your health."

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