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Thursday, July 17, 2008

How to buy organics while on a budget

As grocery prices soar, more shoppers are looking for bargains
Valeria Zaitsevia buys bread at the Bread Alone organic whole grain bakery stand at the Union Square Farmers Market in New York.


If you’re like me, your household budget is getting clobbered by the one-two punch of $4-plus-a-gallon gasoline and higher food prices. Most of us can find a way to drive less, but we all have to eat.

To stretch their food dollars, people are changing the way they shop. For some, that means buying fewer organic products or taking them off the shopping list entirely.

“The statistics aren’t available yet, but there’s definitely been trading down by consumers in many areas,” says Brian Todd, CEO of The Food Institute, a non-profit organization in Elmwood, N.J., that tracks supermarket trends. “Consumers are going from national brands to private labels and from more expensive produce, and that would include organics, to lower-priced produce,” he says.Read More

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