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The Plain Truth
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Friday, July 18, 2008

Allergic to Water?

Yes, it’s possible. And, yes, it can be miserable.
By Dr. Rob for MSN Health & Fitness
Dr. Rob

Q: My eldest son, who is 15, seems to be allergic to water. This has just come on within the last year. When he takes a shower his chest itches really badly. He also gets this way when he swims. We took him to the dermatologist’s office and saw a physician’s assistant who said it just must be the soap, and to change the soap and things will be fine. It’s been frustrating for him; it isn’t the soap or laundry detergent because my family is a sensitive family and we use All Free and Clear for the laundry and Dove sensitive skin soap. I happen to have cold urticaria (a form of hives that’s caused by cold exposure). Do you have any idea what this might be? Could this be a form of cold urticaria? Do you know what we can do for him?


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