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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Corporate Giant Nestlé Makes Contradictions Concerning GMOs

Lisa Garber
Activist Post

GMOs are not the answer, Nestlé personnel says, but they’ll follow the money. Nestlé has taken measures to calculate its water footprint and educate farmers to practice sustainable farming, but has meanwhile wiggled over $1 million to the “Say No to 37” campaign. (The campaign fights the proposal to label genetically modified organisms—GMOs–in California.)

Nestlé Supports Sustainability (Or Not)

Nestlé has been caught contradicting itself, however. While one of its hands pushes against GMO-labeling, the other—the Swiss one—is championing sustainable agriculture. Hans Jöhr, Nestlé’s corporate head of sustainable agriculture, proclaims that GM isn’t the solution to world hunger.
There are a lot of new breeding technologies today that don’t use GM food. You can do a lot of things without GM. GM per se is not a golden bullet, but may be an interesting tool in the box.
While Jöhr may have the right idea, Nestlé USA isn’t cooperating.
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