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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Breakthrough Hormone Treatment Fights Parkinson's

Parkinson's Disease Cure
Parkinson's Disease Cure (Photo credit: Elva Keaton)
Developed by Scottsdale physician Gino Tutera, M.D., the therapy uses bio-identical hormones, delivered through implants placed under the skin, to ease the symptoms of Parkinson's and slow its progression.
Since starting treatment, Puzzi tells Newsmax Health, his health and psychological outlook have improved dramatically and his symptoms are largely under control.
"It was just an unbelievable change in my life," says Puzzi, of the impact of the therapy. "I've cut my medicine down from eight pills a day to four pills a day. It made a world of difference in my quality of life and everything in my world today. I wouldn't know what to do without the pellets."
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