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Saturday, June 8, 2013

President Obama's 23 Executive Actions; Federal Spy Doctors, Forced Medication & Involuntary Commitment

On Wednesday, President Obama announced the creation of 23 'executive actions' pertaining to 'gun violence reduction', in response to the Sandy Hook school shooting.  He even brought children on stage with him, high-fived, and hugged the kids before signing the actions, which to some, resembled tyrants in the past who used children as props in their propaganda campaigns.

There was talk in the media of a possible federal ban on certain types of assault rifles, and/or ammunition, however none of the twenty-three executive actions call for a physical ban of anything.  There are orders dealing with background checks, information evaluation, new federal programs, and even five orders dealing with 'health care', in relation to gun violence.

Surely these orders will make it slightly more difficult for some Americans, in the future, to obtain firearm protection, but, in my opinion, the main purpose of these executive orders is to further the federal governments involvement into your life through the health care system.

Of the twenty three executive orders, the one that seems the most disturbing to me is number sixteen, which states, "Clarify that the Affordable Care Act does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes."  There was already concern that the Affordable Care Act intruded on doctor/patient confidentiality, and this new executive order furthers those concerns. Essentially, the federal government will spy on you through your medical doctor.  Last month, I reported on a federal program to also turn your local religious leaders (priests, pastors, reverends, etc.), into spies for the federal government.


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