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The Plain Truth
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Friday, June 14, 2013

Learning to Render Fat

Gaye Levy
Activist Post

Old habits die slowly. For years we have been told that animal fat is bad and to be honest, I personally subscribe to a diet plan that is primarily plant based. That said, there is a place in my diet and my kitchen for organic meat and meat products, including the fat that is typically discarded after the fact.

For the longest time, something I absolutely tossed out was cooking grease. Healthcare experts, government and public health agencies and even the editors of popular cooking magazines all jumped on the fat is bad bandwagon. Low fat was good, no fat was better and animal fat? Forget it.

The result of all this blather was an epidemic of obesity and heart disease as well as a bunch of inexplicable diseases. Now understand this: I am not a medical professional and by no means am I suggesting a diet heavy on animal fat. But, as with everything else in life, a bit of fat used in moderation may not be so bad and most certainly can add a dimension of flavor and satiety to your food.

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