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The Plain Truth
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Why you could be living longer, but you're not

Years ago I used to build desktop PCs and made a beautiful unit for my husband. It ran well for a number of years, then unbeknownst to me developed a problem in the main CPR cooling fan. My husband started hearing a small noise but didn’t let me know. When the $5 fan quit, the CPU overheated and the whole computer stopped working, necessetating a complete rebuild. Had I detected the fan problem and electively replaced that cheap component, all would have been well for years more.

There is an implication in all this for the practice of medicine. In standard medicine, we wait till the body begins to fail in order to repair it – but then it is too late. If, during the years when things are running well, we look under the case at the guts of the computer or body, and see what components are starting to go bad, we can avoid or at least lessen later catastrophic failure.

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