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Friday, November 13, 2009

Bra promises to banish wrinkles

WRINKLE-RIDDER: La Decollette cushions the breasts and keeps them apart during sleep allowing the cleavage time to recover from wrinkles.
SMOOTH OPERATOR: Before and after shot.

A woman has invented a bra which promises to rid women of unsightly cleavage wrinkles.

The UK's Daily Mail newspaper reports that the Dutch-invented bra will go on sale in the UK this week for about £44 (NZ$100).

The bra, called 'La Decollette' was invented by former air hostess Rachel De Boer after she noticed folds in her cleavage at the age of 30.

"I spent many happy years as an air hostess travelling the world and obviously enjoying the sunshine and beaches," she told the Daily Mail.

"In those days we were not as aware of how much damage this can do to the skin and I was only in my early 30s when I was horrified to see my skin wrinkling."

"I was afraid to show my cleavage and none of the creams and treatments I tried seemed to help."

The bra, called 'La Decollette', works by keeping the breasts apart during sleep reducing the amount the skin wrinkles around the chest.

"There are plenty of sexy bras out there and this is not a sexy bra, but it can help you get your sexy cleavage back." De Boer said.

It is now being sold throughout Europe from the company's website,

There's no word on when the bra might be available to New Zealand shoppers.

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