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Monday, December 1, 2014

You Can Be Overweight and Perfectly Healthy: Researchers

What scientists call "Overweight" ch...
What scientists call "Overweight" changes with our knowledge of human health (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Being fat is not the same as being unhealthy.
While the conventional thinking has been that obesity is a medical problem unto itself, two studies indicate that it’s possible to be overweight and be perfectly healthy.
Instead of the more common measure of obesity, body mass index (BMI) – a ratio of weight relative to height – the studies used the Edmonton Obesity Staging System (EOSS), which considers an array of physical and psychological factors in determining a person’s health.
Researchers found that a person’s fitness level, waist circumference, genetic predisposition to chronic diseases, and other factors are a greater predictor of future health and risk of death than weight.
“Using the EOSS criteria, we see that there are many obese individuals who are healthy other than (having) an excess body weight,” says Jennifer Kuk, assistant professor at
York University’s School of Kinesiology and Health Sciences in Toronto and lead author of one of the studies published in the scientific journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism.

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