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Friday, October 17, 2014

How to get more shaves from your razor blades

Photo © nikolasm - Fotolia
You have to hand it to the men's grooming industry. Faced with shrinking razor blade market share because more men sport beards, it has had to come up with inventive ways to sell more of its products.
It continues to re-invent the razor, with more and more cutting edges. One of the most innovative developments has been the subscription razor blade service. For a flat fee a consumer receives a package of blades each week or month.
The selling point is that you'll never be caught one morning with a dull blade and no replacement. The downside is that you will buy more razor blades than you could ever use. That is, if you properly care for your razor.
The truth is that commercial razor blades – both cartridges and disposable razors – can last weeks or months with proper care. Though we haven't tested them all, we've gathered some methods from a variety of sources who swear by the results.

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