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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Where to live for better health

( — DID you know you can prevent health problems by simply changing location?
Some medical conditions are better suited to certain geographic regions than others.
We take a look at seven health concerns and the best places to avoid them.

Omega-3, Other Supplements Cut Heart Disease Risk, Study Finds

MONDAY, April 29, 2013 — Supplements such as omega-3 capsules reduced heart disease risk when "prescribed" along with diet and lifestyle advice, according to a study published today. But it remains unclear how much and for whom the supplements help.

Researchers from Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto and the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre looked at 207 people, half of whom only received traditional care, such as cholesterol and blood pressure medications; half of whom received diet and lifestyle advice and naturopathic care as well, which included natural health products such as omega-3 fatty acids and coenzyme Q10.
After one year, the researchers found that those who received naturopathic treatment were at a 17 percent decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, based on their Framingham score — a scale that uses age, gender, cholesterol levels and blood pressure to determine the level of risk for cardiovascular disease.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Who decides what's 'normal' in medicine?

Overview of the thyroid system (See Wikipedia:...
Overview of the thyroid system (See Wikipedia:Thyroid). To discuss image, please see Talk:Human body diagrams (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
When you go to the doctor and he does tests, ever wonder how “normal” is determined?
Ideally normal should be “optimal.” But, what is optimal for you is not always optimal for me. And, sadly, how we determine “normal” in standard medicine has nothing to do with what would make our bodies’ the healthiest.

Take thyroid levels for example. When labs “norm” the studies, they get volunteers – many times hospital and/or lab employees, ask them if they are well that day and make them part of the random sample. Now, of the 50 or so employees used to norm the test, some may not be normal. In fact, due to genetic drift, lack of iodine in the diet, bromine exposure and other factors, a great number of people’s thyroids are not working normally, and they are actually hypothyroid, but haven’t been diagnosed as such. Nevertheless, these abnormal people become part of the pool of people to determine the normal range of thyroid. Therefore the “normal” range actually is skewed to the abnormal.

Continuing with the case of thyroid, TSH is a measure of thyroid function, and as the thyroid fails the TSH gets bigger, We know from studies in the heart as well as bench analysis that if the TSH is above 1, the thyroid function – its effects on different body tissues, is abnormal. Cardiac output, the ability of the heart to pump blood diminishes with a TSH above 1. Yet our lab range of “normal” continues to be 0.4 to 4.5 – a range so broad as to include a lot of sick people.

Secondly, take the numbers for male testosterone levels. Lets say a normal 25-year-old has a testosterone of over 150 on average, a level found in young, virile, healthy males. Now you, the patient, are a 55-year-old male who has noticed lack of energy, increasing abdominal girth, inability to get benefit from working out and loss of libido. You just don’t feel like yourself.
So you go to your doctor and ask, “Doc, could it be my testosterone level?”

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Prevention and Treatment of Vaccine Damages

Dr. Mark Sircus
Activist Post

Cruelty toward babies starts at birth. It really starts before birth but that is another tale. Many parents have heard horror stories, and have serious doubts about vaccinating. Even that first injection of vitamin K is not without risk and danger. This article is for parents in the situation where they are forced into a corner for one of many reasons and feel like they have to vaccinate their children.

Often one parent is against and the other for vaccination. In the context of Humane Pediatrics it is strongly advised to avoid vaccines altogether so as to avoid the threatening edifice of medical and health complications that can stem from them. It should be obvious to the humane among us that it is also to avoid a type of suffering we should not wish on our dearest enemies – that of having to deal with a vaccine-damaged child.

This is also for adults who might have to take a vaccination to travel or for healthcare workers in hospitals and others in the military who are given little to no choice. You could find yourself someday with the army at the door and you better roll up your sleeve real quick and try to smile while you are freaking out.

Everyone should understand and know what can be done before, during and after vaccination to mitigate collateral damages, which are sometimes quite severe and much more frequent then federal health officials want you to know. Many parents have expressed fear of having their child become autistic, defective or neurologically damaged.

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A Better Test for Colon Cancer?

Colon cancer has been called the most preventable, but least prevented, form of cancer. There are more than 143,000 new cases and about 50,000 deaths from the disease in the U.S. each year, making it second only to lung cancer in annual cancer mortality.
Healthy Ambitions: "I suspect it's a test that everybody in this room is going to want to use when it becomes available," Kevin Conroy, the CEO of Exact Sciences, recently told a group of investors.
If people over 50 adhere to medical-screening guidelines and get colonoscopies every 10 years, the odds of dying from colon cancer are very low because doctors can see and remove precancerous growths during the exam. It can take a decade or more for these precancerous polyps to turn into cancer. However, half of all Americans over 50 don't follow screening recommendations. Many never get colon exams because of cost, inconvenience, fear, or dislike of the unpleasant bowel-cleansing substances they must consume before the examination. So, more than half of colon cancers are diagnosed at a late stage, when death rates can be high, in part because the most common screening test—a check for blood in stool—isn't good at detecting precancerous growths.

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1st do no harm, but mistreat to death

a woman who was not sick, had no disease and at 93 was living alone and taking full care of herself.
It was no surprise she might have said she wanted to die. She always said she’d rather be dead than spend her life in a hospital with no privacy, with strangers pushing, probing and poking her.

The priest and the hospital took her literally.

The system was against her because she was just too old to live.

She gave up and died, even as family were arranging outside care.

This happened just before Obamacare kicked in, full force.

Be very afraid of what it will be like, when all medicine is computerized and patients are ignored.
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mediterranean Diet: Proof It Works

English: WHO Food Guidelines Summary Pyramid
English: WHO Food Guidelines Summary Pyramid (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Food Pyramid has nothing on the Mediterranean diet, when it comes to clinical nutrition. A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine is only the latest evidence that the diet — heavy on olive oil, fish, nuts, fruit, veggies and other staples of Mediterranean cultures for centuries — prevents cancer and heart disease.
The NEJM findings come as no surprise to top cardiologist Chauncey Crandall, M.D., who has seen firsthand the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet in his heart patients and his practice.

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Egg Whites Lower High Blood Pressure: Study

Here’s a new reason to choose eggs for breakfast: Researchers have found a substance in egg whites — known scientifically as RVPSL — can lower blood pressure as effectively as some anti-hypertensive medications.
The findings, presented a scientific meeting of the American Chemical Society in New Orleans this week, indicate RVPSL has the ability to inhibit or block the action of ACE, a substance produced in the body that raises blood pressure and is a target of many drug therapies.

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Alert: What Is Your Risk for a Heart Attack? Find Out Now

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Transmits from Livestock to Humans

Wiki image
Activist Post

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (NY-25), the only microbiologist in Congress, reacted to a new study that conclusively identified transmission of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) from livestock to humans. Currently, MRSA kills more Americans each year than HIV/AIDS.

The groundbreaking study was conducted by genetics researchers who analyzed the genomes of MRSA bacteria from patients and their farm animals, and found the samples to be genetically identical. Published on Tuesday in EMBO Molecular Medicine, the study confirms animal-to-human transmission of MRSA.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

You’ve Been Lied to About Calcium and Cholesterol

Paul Fassa
Activist Post

The big lie pertains to unbalanced calcium supplementation.

Calcium from raw whole foods is beneficial and necessary. But all those processed foods fortified with calcium or supplements high in elemental calcium are likely to do more harm than good.

Elemental calcium is the calcium apart from the compound in which it normally appears. For example, if you remove the calcium from calcium carbonate, you are left with elemental calcium.

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