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The Plain Truth
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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Royal Jelly Royally Problematic for Evolutionists

I’m sure you’ve all tasted honey.  I like to put honey on my rolls at dinner along with a little butter.  I also like to substitute honey for the jelly in a peanut butter sandwich.  But more than anything, I like to take a spoon full of honey and just eat it plain.
Did you know that honey is made from the pollen and nectar of flowers?  The worker bees fly about busily collecting all of the pollen and nectar they can and return it to the hive, where other bees convert it into the sweet sugary liquid we all love.
Did you also know that honey is the only food known to man that never goes bad?  When honey sits very long, the sugar in it starts to crystalize and it gets thick and hard to use.  Sadly, many people throw sugared honey away thinking it is no longer usable.  But if you heat the honey up by placing the container in a pot of boiling water for a few minutes, the sugar crystals dissolve and your honey thins out like it was when you first got it.  If you remember this, you will never have to throw honey away ever again.


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