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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bible Trivia:

Quiz: Foods of the Bible
As the recipes from "The Church Supper Cookbook" reveal, Christian eating has come a long way since Jesus's time. Early Christians didn't munch on church potluck standards like cheese strata and scripture cake, but food is still an important part of the Bible. Test your knowledge of foods in the Bible with this quiz.

Share your favorite recipes.
Q1. Which New Testament figure was said to eat locusts and honey?
1. Peter
2. John the Baptist
3. Elizabeth, Mary's kinswoman
4. Paul
Q2. Which of these fruits is not mentioned in the Bible?
1. Fig
2. Pomegranate
3. Apple
4. Guava
Q3. What did Jesus distribute at the feeding of the five thousand?
1. Bread and wine
2. Wine and fishes
3. Loaves and fishes
4. Pop-tarts and fishes
Q4. In Luke's gospel, what did Jesus eat after his resurrection?
1. Broiled fish
2. Lamb
3. Bread
4. Figs
Q5. Which nutis mentioned in Genesis?
1. Pistachio
2. Cashew
3. Macadamia
4. Hazelnut
Q6. At Cana, the wine Jesus created from water was:
1. Sold to wine merchants
2. Better than the 'choice wine' that was originally available
3. Non-alcoholic
4. Bad-tasting, according to Mary
Q7. Why did Jesus' disciples get in trouble for picking and eating grain one day?
1. It wasn't kosher
2. It was the Sabbath
3. It wasn't ripe yet
4. The grainfields belonged to a Roman centurion
Q8. Who was the first farmer mentioned in the Bible?
1. Adam
2. Abel
3. Enoch
4. Cain


John the Baptist


Loaves and fishes

Broiled fish


Better than the 'choice wine' that was originally available (and yes it had alcohol in it!)

It was the Sabbath


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